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 The daddy during the Roman relatives (paterfamilias) exercised absolute and lifelong power around all other close relatives (patria potestas): his spouse, youngsters, and slaves. If The daddy’s father was alive – then®ion=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/라이브스코어 he was the supreme authority inside the domestic. Fathers were even allowed to execute their grown sons for severe offenses like treason.

Each and every property taken care of a 스포츠분석 cult of ancestors and hearth gods along with the paterfamilias was its priest. The loved ones was believed to posses a “genius” (gens) – an inner spirit – passed down the generations. The dwelling as well as lifeless members of the family shared the gens and were sure by it.


Legitimate offspring belonged to The daddy’s family members. The daddy retained custody if the few (not often) divorced solely at the spouse’s initiative. The daddy had the ideal to disown a newborn – generally deformed boys or girls. This triggered a intense shortage of girls in Rome.


The daddy of your bride had to pay for a large dowry to your relatives in the groom, Consequently impoverishing the other family members. Additionally, daughters shared Similarly from the estate of the father who died with out a will – As a result transferring property from their loved ones of origin to their spouse’s family. No wonder girls ended up decried being an economic liability.


At the beginning, slaves have been considered to be Portion of the relatives and had been well-treated. They were being permitted to save money (peculium) and to get their flexibility. Freed slaves became entire-fledged Roman citizens and frequently stayed on While using the family members as employed assist or paid laborers. Only Substantially later on, inside the extensive plantations amassed by wealthy Romans, had been slaves abused and viewed as inanimate house.

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